Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photo Mask Freebie

Here's a freebie for you. When this link expires or reaches its maximum, it's gone. I'm sorry. I won't be updating the links. I have put TWO links up. Click HERE to get it or if that no longer works, click on the photo. If they're gone, they are gone. These photo masks will be available at SBG next week. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for visiting!

I'd recommend a darker photo for this particular mask, if you would like to see the details. Also add a slight drop shadow (not too heavy though).

There is no TOU included with this link so here goes, you may use this for your PERSONAL-USE only. You may not share, distribute, or forward the link. You cannot use the freebies to create products for resell or for profit without written permission. You may not use it for any illegal or immoral reason.

HERE is a third link in case.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blending with Fallen Papers

Is everyone waiting for the "Fallen" elements? It seems so! :)
Okay, okay, I'll get working on those soon okay!

So I was thinking, how can I get people to be interested in papers only. I love papers, especially beautifully textured papers. Why? Well, I thought I'd share a quick a dirty way to add textures to your photos. There are so many ways you can do this. But I thought I'd share a quick one with you.

Please keep in mind that you must experiment with different blending modes to get the effect you want.

Okay here goes, create a new 12x12 document. Drag the paper that you would like to use. Use a textured paper with this. Now, of course the Fallen papers are perfect for this as they are textured. So go get yourself a set! LOL.

Second, drag your photo on top of the paper.

Okay so now your photo is top of your paper. Select the photo layer. Now, resize your paper. It should be just a tad bigger than your photo. For papers with light patterns, like this one from Fallen, you will be able to see the designs. You will what I mean in a moment.

With this paper and this photo, the best blending mode to use is "Soft Light". Remember that this also works with PSP as blending modes are also available.

Well, the photo seems very light. So duplicate your photo layer. When you duplicate the layer, the second photo layer should be on top of your first photo layer. It should also be "Soft Light".

I was not happy with it yet so I duplicated the photo layer again. I ended up with 3 photo layers in Soft Light mode.

With the third photo layer, it seems kind of dark. So I lowered the "Opacity" of the third photo layer to 52.

Okay so this is what I ended up with.

Now remove the other parts of the paper that you are not using. I do this by selecting my photo, there should be dancing ants in the shape of the rectangle, then Select -> Inverse, select the paper layer, and delete.

I'm not completely happy with this yet. What I would probably do next is to duplicate the photo layer again, play with the blend modes, and use a mask and only apply softly to the face. But that is a different tutorial. :)

Hope you enjoyed it.

Photo Masks

If you know me well, you know that I love to experiment.

Well, my latest project, yes, I KNOW I AM BEHIND on kits, but I can't help it. My latest project is to create some photo masks. I think most people do know how to use photo masks, but I am sure there are a few out there that has yet to try it out. So I thought I'd show you how to use one with one of my latest products.

Feedback would really be appreciated on this one. Love/Hate/Don't care. You can even leave anonymous comments! LOL.

To use a photo mask really is only a few steps.

You can start on your layout or you can create a new canvas.

I am going to use a new canvas in this example.

Place your photo on the canvas. Drag the photo mask over your photo. Resize the photo if needed. Place the mask BELOW your photo.

Now, create a clipping mask (Layer -> Create Clipping Mask).
After you create your clipping mask, you can resize the photo or move it as needed.

There you have it!

Some Layouts

Here are some layouts for your viewing pleasure.

This is a new one by the talented Ms. Kristi...

Credits: Phuong's Tropical Oasis and By the Sea, Shabby Miss Jenn, and Milla's Surf's Up.

A beauty by the gorgeous Ms. Lilja...
She blended two of the papers together. The story behind the photo is also quite lovely.

Credits: Phuong's Fallen Papers, Serenity elements, Floral Grunge elements

A sentimental one from the sweet Ms. Leda...

Credits: Mysterium QP1-JOHD is designed by TDS Layout Artist, Joanne Hubbard using Debra Tope's Mysterium Kit. Splash of Black Glitter Alpha (recolored) from Studio Phuong.

Here's a cutie one from Ms. Gislaine...

Credits: Of Serendipity By Studiogirls at Scrapbookgraphics

Here's another from Ms. Leda...

2 Clear Alphas: Plain And Polka By Phuong.
The Daily Scrapper Quick Page Dreamer QP1-KAMG is designed by TDS Layout Artist, Karen Maggie using Aja Abney's Dreamer Page Set.

Here's one by Ms. ScrappeeHappee...

I also wanted to share with you the BEAUTIFUL layouts by the talented LovelyMissKait from the SBG crew.

Times New Roman and Mariah
2 Clear Alpha: Plain and Polka by Phong Ton @ SBG
It's About Time and Flying Disk Alpha by Lorie Davison @ SBG
Rough to the Touch with Everything In It by Lorie Davison @ SBG
Sketch action by Trish Jones (retired).
Twirlytwig and tab from Archive Collection kit by Lorie Davison @ SBG
Scotch tape from Fancy Pants Elements by Flergs at SBG
Photographer frame from Prairie Gal Collection by Lorie Davison @ SBG
Staple from By the Sea by Phuong Ton @ SBG
Action: Shadow It 2 (acrylics) by Wendyzine @ SBG

Sandbox Alpha by Phuong Ton
By The Sea kit by Phuong Ton
I'm not sure where the net is from. As soon as I find out, I'll post it!! Let me know if you recognize it so I can credit the designer!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Bit Tattered Photo Overlay - Freebie!

I'm working on a new kit, "Fallen". The papers are done but not the elements.

Those tattered photo frames are also so hot right now. I thought it would be cool to include an element like that in the kit. Would you like a free sample?

Just to let you know that once the download link has expired on this, I will not be renewing it since it will be part of the kit. The download limit is 500 so grab it while it's available! :)

You get the Photo/Frame Overlay plus a mask.

Please drop by sometime to check out the finished kit! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flair Freebie

{updated the link}. Another 100 downloads or 7 days and this link will not be available. Sorry, I won't be enabling when this happens. So hurry and download while it's still available. :)

It seems like Flair has been pretty hot for some time now. So why not make one for fun?

Here's a Quick Flair for you (like a quick page but smaller) :).

Please click on the image to download the file. It is a PNG file with an opening for the picture. Cute baby picture not included. ;)

These freebies are not for redistribution. They are for personal-use only and cannot be repackaged or sold in part, whole, or altered.

Here's a fan flair you can snag. Why not have one for me too, right?! Hehe.

I made the flair from my new "Fallen" Papers. Elements are not available yet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Attn: Sweet Pea Kit Purchasers!

Hi! If you had purchased the Sweet Pea kit, please email me (with the order number if possible). I do not have any customer information from purchases at ScrapbookElements but I do have the order numbers. I will be revamping the kit soon, with more elements, papers, and updating some of the original ones. I want to make sure that those that have purchased the original kit get the updated version as well.

Please send an email to

Thank you!! :)

Love these Quick Pages!

I just LOVE LOVE these quick pages. YES, they are quick pages! There is so much detail, natural elements, and that WOW factor. These also print just beautifully. Of course what makes these pages are my cutie sons!

These quick pages by JenU Designs ( and the lovely stars in the photo are Sean and Ethan. ;)

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Layouts!

And you know just how much I LOVE looking at layouts. Here are some eye candy for you!

By Lorraine,

Phuong Ton's Serenity Page Set
Miki Ferkul's Coral Bay
Carrie Stephen's Acrylic Rainbow Cooties

This one is by Edeline Designs. You should totally check out her store. There are some gorgeous goodies in there. Click on her name to go there.

By Helene (this was published in the Digital Artist Magazine - August)

By Tammy,

Everything from the latest Oscraps Collab kit, School is O So Cool available now at Oscraps
Clear Alpha by Phuong Ton at Scrapbook Graphics
font is DJB Tammy C (my custom font by Darcy Baldwin)

By Leda,

Dreamer QP1-KAMG is designed by TDS Layout Artist, Karen Maggie using Aja Abney's Dreamer Page Set. This set contains 4 pieces of 12"x12" quick pages.

2 Clear Alphas: Plain And Polka By Phuong

Mysterium QP1-TEYS is designed by TDS Layout Artist, Teys P. Tirol using Debra Tope's Mysterium Kit. This set contains 4 pieces of 12"x12" quick pages.

2 Clear Alphas: Plain And Polka from Studio Phuong

QP Freebie by Zakirah
Label the Date Vol. 1 by Mira Designs
2 Clear Alphas: Plain And Polka from Studio Phuong


Hi! Some products have been re-released from my previous home to Scrapbook Graphics. The re-released kits are currently 25% off through Monday.

Have those beautiful vacation photos and need to scrap them quickly? I'm proud to re-release Tropical Oasis, By the Sea, and the Sandbox Alpha.

Layouts by Tammy and Kristi,

Some commercial-use overlays are also re-released. No credit is required.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Impressions of Serendipity

This is a gorgeous new collaboration available at Scrapbook Graphics.

14 SBG designers participated in this collaboration including Dianne Rigdon, Birgit Kerr, Dana Frantz, Studio Flergs, Traci Sims, Vera Lim, Wendyzine Scraps, Berna Datema, Studio Manu, Phuong Ton, Michelle Godin, Lorie Davison, Meredith Fenwick, and Jen Caputo.

This is a HUGE set. Check out the details here.

There are too many previews for me to display here so I am going to show you my contribution. :D

Join the Quick Page Exchange to receive all of the other quick pages for participating. Details here.

Of course, here are some gorgeous layouts from my team!

By Kristi,

By Leda,

By Helene,

By Vanilla,
(this one is nominated for for a Pixel Gypsy Designs Elite Scrapper award for August...congrats, girl!)

By Tammy,

By Lilja,

And you just HAVE to check out Leda's new layout. The background is a photo from Walking on Clouds by me (not available anymore, sorry) and Serenity elements.