Monday, July 28, 2008


I can never have enough layouts. Here are some inspiration for you. :)

By Kristi (another DST gallery standout!)
beautiful photography, layers, lots of little's all in the details!

Phuong Ton's Tropical Oasis, By the Sea, and Sandbox Alpha
Border stitching from Flower Stand by ScrapKitchen and Shabby Miss Jenn and Shabby Miss Jenn Designs
Messy stitching from Jungle Boogie by Kay Miller
Curvy Sea Grass from Beach Shack by Shabby Miss Jenn

By Leda
this is the cool new trend now.

Phuong's Summer Breeze, By the Sea
Room #1 template freebie by Sailor and Lula's Designspier
Palm and sand by Sailor and LuLa's Designs from her freebie lagoon kit

By Megann
love her journaling, wish I was at a Roma party. lol

Phuong's Summer Breeze Kit and Tropical Quick Page.

By Lorraine
simply beautiful!

Phuong Ton Wildflowers 2 Page Kit
Phuong Ton Summer Breeze
Rina Kroes Fabric Buttons
Rina Kroes Fresh Foliage
Rina Kroes Words to Live By

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I made quite a few layouts recently. Thought I'd share a simple one.

Credits: Phuong Ton's By The Sea (background paper and some elements), Jofia Devoe's Sea oh Sea (some elements) and Need Some Water, Phuong Ton's Tropical Oasis (Treasure texture), Katie Pertiet's Treasure No. 2 Layered Template, Font typist.

Leda made some wonderful layouts with the Floral Grunge Quick Pages available at TheDailyScrapper. Thank you, Leda!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Change is really difficult. We get used to a routine and do not want to change. We are sometimes afraid of it. I know I am. I like knowing what to expect. But there sometimes opportunities come up...and you never know what it could be, might be, would be like if you do not try it out.

That is the situation that has come up recently. I just realized that I posted something about that today in a different post but had not mentioned anything about it. I did send some snippets of news to my mailing list, but I should post it here.

It is with a heavy heart that I say good-bye to SBE, my digital home on the web. The owners, designers, and team members are nothing short of wonderful. It was a difficult decision but one that I am now looking forward to. I will be joining a new home soon, exclusively, so no more running to two different stores. I'm quite excited about it and hope that you will join in the grand opening.

My products at Digitals is not longer available. I have resigned there. The store is also quite wonderful and my stay was too short, but it was necessary to start the exclusive move. So Floral Grunge is currently not available anywhere. The quick pages from TheDailyScrapper are still available though. Plus it's fun reading.

With that said, my products at SBE will only be available through August 8th. After that, some may become available again after September 9th and some may be retired. Thank you for your support and for visiting my blog. I hope that you will join me at the new store.

Here is a clue as to where it will be. This header was created my the talented Kristi and the title work was done by Tammy. Thank you ladies so much for the pleasant surprise. :)

Hello Kristi!!

I am so proud to announce that Kristin has joined our little team. She is a very talented artist and awesome photographer. I'm so honored to have yet another amazing talent join the team. :D

Here are some layouts by Kristin.

This uses Tropical Oasis.

Check out her amazing gallery.

Congrats Helene and Tammy!

I want to congratulate Helene for getting published in Digital Artist Magazine. It's the first time one of my kits is mentioned. HOW COOL IS THAT! Well, I'm quite ecstatic about it and so proud. The eMagazine is jam packed with tons of gorgeous layouts. This magazine is also available at couple of other places, including ScrapArtist. Her layouts are so pretty so don't forget to check out pages 36-40!

Congrats girl!

Well Tammy Conlan and Helene Douchet are used to the Gallery Standouts now as they have been called out multiple times! They totally deserve the honor since they are really are rockin' layout artists.

Here are the most recent GSOs.

On a different note, I want to thank Amy for being an awesome guest for the past few months. Here are some layouts by Amy.

Don't forget the Tropical Quick Pages are still available at SBE. Here are some layouts from Leda and Tammy showing them off. :D

New Layouts!!

It's been awhile since I've added new layouts so here are some for your viewing pleasure! Work has been killer so I'm really behind in everything. :(

Remember that these kits will only be available until August 8th at SBE. After that time, some will be available AFTER September 9th or retired.

Here are a few using the Summer Breeze Page Set.

Lorraine's beautiful layout.

This is from a RAK I gave out on DST to Carinpixels. Check out her CUTE layout!

Megann's cool layout. Congrats on checking off one of life's to see and do checklist. I'm jealous!

Gislaine's cute layout.

A few from the talented VanillaDesignz.

This is a very meaningful one from Leda. So sweet...

Check out this one that Tammy just made today using Eastern Winds. So cute!

Here are some layouts from Tracey Monette's CT (I coaxed them into making a few layouts for me...*evil grin*)

These are from Monica using By the Sea and Tropical Oasis.

This is a layout by lovely1m using By The Sea.

This is from Mom2aTrio. Such a cute photo.

One more from Leda! So many layouts!

Love Quick Pages

I just love quick pages. I had to put together a 10 page album so I used quick pages from many sources. It took a few hours even with quick pages because you know how it always want to add your own personal touch. I would like to share this one with you.

This album was made for my friend's bridal shower. Any excuse to put together a mini scrapbook! This is actually a hybrid project but I'm not done with the paper part of it yet so no photos of the completed project yet. :D

That's a preggy picture of me from last year. But just half way so I'm not HUGE in the photo yet, just a little huge. ;)

Credits: Annie Manning's Quick Pages 1 from Oscraps. Phuong Ton's Spring Breeze Page Set and Spring Bling Page Set.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sandbox Alpha

This alphabet was a part of the Grab Bag. Each one has been hand constructed. These are the perfect addition to your beachy/vacation layouts! :)

** If you purchased the Grab Bag or Sand Alpha on Sunday/Monday, please download these this correction file. It is the letters A and P. ***


I apologize for the inconvenience!! Here is a coupon code for 15% off anything of mine in SBE.

Here is the code: PHTON_SandBox-15off
Just enter it in the appropriate box at checkout.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another Layout

This is a beautiful layout by Meredith Cardall. I'm still in vacation mode. :)
I love her layering, the adorable photos, and everything about it.

By the Sea by Pton Designs at SBE
Sand Alpha by Pton Desgins at SBE
flower from Tropical Oasis by Pton Designs at SBE
krystal hartley's cover girl alpha

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blossomed Reflection

I was browsing the DST Gallery yesterday. That place is HUGE! :) So so many beautiful layouts in there. I found this one that used a couple of my kits. I thought it was gorgeous and could not wait to post it here, with the artist's permission of course! :)

This layout was created by CassisCreations. Click on the layout or her name to be guided to her gallery at DST.

The rope, staple, rafia bow, and shell petal is from my By The Sea Kit. Some of the foliage, plumeria, and the is from my Tropical Oasis Kit.

Other: Miss Betty Alpha at SSD. Brown paper, leaves, shells, and sea grass from Beach Shack kit by SMJ designs. Fern, butterfly, and pink flowers from Natural Glow kit by Jazzmin Designs.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Breeze - available July 6th

This is my new kit, to be released July 6th at SBE. Don't forget that all new releases will be on sale on the Sunday and Monday of its release. So mark your calendars and check back every Sunday. :)

Summer Breeze: 23 papers and 50+ elements





Some fabulous layouts:

From the fabulouso Tammy Conlan:


From the absolutely rockin Leda Perry:

The envelope back comes in a version where you can easily tuck your wonderful photos, elements, and whatever you wish and then a complete backing with the background paper.


From the ultra talented Helene Douchet:

(bg paper slightly lightened)


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Feeling like Summer

It's really begining to feel like Summer. I LOVE Summertime!! I think I have been spending way too much time on the computer.

When I am not at work, I am working on my scrapping. I feel like my children are growing up so quickly and I am missing out. I am trying really hard to devote less time to this addiction of mine (digiscrapping) since I feel like I eat, drink, live it. But the reason I want to scrap is to capture these cherished memories, but I should be out living it instead. I am sure you have read this type of rant numerous times. I do feel like I am being a neglectful and bad mom. So after my new kit releases this week, I will not spend much time on the computer. Or at least really try not to!! :) And I hope that you also go out and just live the moment. It is so much easier said than done so you just have to do it, not think it you will, not *try* to, just do it! LOL. Wish me luck. Oh, I will be posting the new kit info on here soon enough then um, yeah, I'll be outside.

I just posted a ton of Quick Pages and new Layouts in the previous posts so please continue to scroll down and enjoy! My team has worked hard creating these layouts for you. I know I say it often but it is really not enough, I am blessed to have a wonderful and easy going set of girls.

More layouts for you! Made by Leda, Helene, Tammy, Lorraine, Megann, Vanilla, and Amy, not in any order, and for your viewing pleasure. More summery layouts. Remember to check back in a few days for the new kit preview!!