Friday, October 31, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking Day

DSD will be this Saturday November 1st. There are going to be amazing sales and lots of activities to do. I probably will not participate much in the shopping since I have spent so much time at work and working from home lately. My kids miss me, and I miss them. I'll probably check some out. I did a good amount of shopping today already though. LOTS of it so my pay pal is drained! :)

Of course I am going to partake in the wonderful sales part though.

Here's an extra 10% off coupon for my wonderful mailing list and blog visitors!
By the way, if you spend $25 at Scrapbook Graphics, you get the brand Studio Collective Impressions of Honor FREE!

Coupon Code: DSD2008

Thanks to Magda for these wonderful Orchid Dreams quick pages! Free with any Studio purchase! :)

Any purchase pertains to Studio Phuong purchases.

The ad was made using Orchid Dreams Beginning, Orchid Dreams Reawakening, and Serenity. The water fountain and rock background is from Orchid Dreams Reawakening.

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Layouts!

Yes, yes more layouts. Let's get your creative juices flowing!

Thank you, shawtyp, for this gorgeous layout! Please click on her link to view adorable gallery.

Designed with PSE 6
Everything is from Studio Phuong @ Scrapbookgraphics_Orchid Dreams The Beginning and Reawakening.
Except for:
Worphoto overlays by Something Blue Studios.
Green leaves by Julie Bullock of SPD_Tart n Tangy.
Basically Borders by Matahati Designs.

Here is a wonderful layout by Leda.

Credits: Orchid Dreams The Beginning from Studio Phuong

Here's another one by Tammy. What a sweet face!

Credits: From Phuong Ton at Scrapbook Graphics!
Orchid Dreams ReAwakening
Orchid Dreams The Beginning
font is Jane Austen

Here is a Halloweeny one by scrappeehappee. Wow, it's almost here!! I love trick or treating. I loved going as a child but I love it even more now. Tagging along with my kids and seeing the joy they get, the thrill of going up to a strange house, especially those spooky decorated ones, well, it's just like your childhood again. Except now I can stay up as late as I want and eat as much candy as I like! YUM! hehe

Credits: Spooky

Friday, October 24, 2008

More Layouts

The layouts are rolling in and I just want to keep you updated on them. It's the weekend (almost)! YAY!

My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year "dating" Anniversary this week. There was a time, way back when, remember girls? When we were asked to set a date for that's our dating date and like you celebrated 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, and whatever other excuse you could to get some flowers? Okay, so I'm a flower hog. I wanted something for the 10 year dating anniversary. Is that so wrong? ;) I didn't want any presents right now but maybe to say Happy Anniversary (or just remember). I've dropped big fat hints for weeks. So I came home yesterday and found a beautiful vase of flowers. But flowers are nice and all, but this one was better (for me at least) because it kinda matches Orchid Dreams!! It has orchids and the lily like in the kit. I was so pleasantly surprised since I showed him the kits the other night. Well, quite frankly, he probably just got lucky since he knows I like those types of flowers anyways, but I won't ask and give him the benefit of the doubt. Okay, that's my lame post for the day. LOL.

OH yeah, layouts!

Here's a gorgeous one by the talented m2m. You should go check her amazing gallery!
Credits are below. I am also loving Natali's word art. They are amazing!! You can also find them exclusively as SBG!

Phuong Ton's Orchid Dreams The Beginning
Phuong Ton's Serenity
New Life Dreams Baby Oh
Catherine's Summer Evenings
WordArt by Natali

Here's a beauty by Danesa for her friend. What a great friend, don't you think? I wish my friends would make me lovely layouts!

Credits: Orchid Dreams the Beginning

Here's a beauty by Kristi. As usual, her photography is amazing. Someone tell her that! She doesn't seem to believe me. :)
I like the darker papers on this. It puts focus on the picture. What a beautiful set of girls, don't you think! They are so adorable!

Credits: Orchid Dreams The Beginning and Orchid Dreams Reawakening
stitches from Tropical Oasis and Serenity
staple from Spooky

Here's a very serene one from Kristi. I wish I was there right now. Gorgeous photo, gorgeous layout. She used the swirl from Spooky as a clipping mask for one of the papers in Orchid Dreams Reawakening. I also love her shadow work.

Credits: Orchid Dreams The Beginning, Orchid Dreams Reawakening, Spooky

Woo hoo, just saw this one from Tammy! Gotta post this gorgeous one! Everything is from the two Orchid Dreams, including the star cluster. Hi beautiful!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Layouts, layouts! Gotta love them! :)

Here's a layout from my wonderful guest Miranda. She was kind enough to help put together a couple of layouts for me.

Credits: Orchid Dreams Beginning

Credits: Orchid Dreams Beginning

This is a layout by Carinspixels. I love how she used the frame as a window/doorway to another world. The waterfalls paper is part of Orchid Dreams The Beginning.

Credits: Orchid Dreams The Beginning

This is a soft layout by Ina, the first layout I got to see with the kit. She modified the color of the orchid stem. I love the photo treatment and the softness of this layout.

Credits: Orchid Dreams Reawakening

Here is a lovely layout by snaggletooth75. Great clustering of elements. She chose browns as the background. I like how there are so many flowers on this page yet it's not feminine (it's a boys' layout afterall).

Credits: Orchid Dreams The Beginning

Lilja never fails to amaze me with her talent. Here is another gorgeous layout by this talented lady.

Kit: Studio Phuong - Orchid Dreams The Beginning
Wordart and Staple: Studio Phuong - Serenity

Here is a fun one by Danesa. I like how she used the other papers with fun textures in the kit to create the alphas.

Credits: Orchid Dreams Reawakening

Lorraine has also been having some fun with the kit. Here are a couple of wonderful layouts from her.

Phuong Ton's Orchid Dreams, The Reawakening
Phuong Ton's Orchid Dreams The Beginning Kit
Phuong Ton's Tropical Oasis
Phuong Ton's By the Sea Kit

Credits: Phuong Ton's Orchid Dreams, The Reawakening
Phuong Ton's Orchid Dreams The Beginning Kit
Miki Ferkul Bonfire Alpha
Kim Hill Serene Summer Staples
Holiday Chippy Alpha by MShefveland
Scrapsimple Edges 2 background template

Here is an awesome one from Helene. I love the bright florals on top of the muted neutral background and the gorgeous black and white photo.

Credits: Orchid Dreams Reawakening

Well, Halloween is just around the corner. Wow, where has the year gone? Wasn't it just Christmas?

So let's show off some more Halloween layouts!

Here's an adorable by Gislaine. This witch is too cute to be scary.

Credits: Phuong's Spooky

Here's a totally fun one by Liljatr.

Credits: Phuong's Spooky

Here's a tricky treaty one by Leda. I can't wait to go trick or treating, yes, I still go, and yes, I still eat lots of candy...yum yum!

Credits: Phuong's Spooky

Tammy's adorable layout with Floral Grunge! Yes, you are wonderful, you.

Credits: Phuong's Floral Grunge

Thanks for stopping by!!

A Layout

I attempted to create a layout today. I think it's been at least a month since the last time I created one. That's sad because there was a time when layouts were flying out of my hard drive and onto Costco's printing machine. That's where I print most of mine.

Well, okay, now I know why I love my CT so much! This is hard stuff. LOL.

So here is a layout using Orchid Dream The Beginning (purple orchids, bamboo, tea leaves, rock), Orchid Dreams Reawakening (background, journal strip, lace, back bamboo, jasmine, string, back of brad, frame), the bottom word art and butterflies are from Natali Designs Playing with Wordart 1 and 2. Everything is available at Scrapbook Graphics.

I'll be posting more layouts soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Orchid Dreams Collection

Do you love Orchids? If so, the following kits were made for you!

These are two new sets from the Orchid Dreams Collection.

Orchid Dreams the Beginning is a rework, well, the kit basically doubled, of the original Orchid Dreams. The Reawakening is the follow on. Both are stuffed with gorgeous backgrounds with fun and versatile elements.

* If you had purchased Orchid Dreams, you are entitled to the revamped kit. Please send me an email at *

These are available exclusively at

Thank you so much for looking!

This kit contains 21 gorgeous backgrounds. Each is 12x12 and created at 300 dpi. This set was lovingly crafted and each page is a work of art in itself.
A fun zen rock alphabet comes with this set. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation are included. Each is in its own file as well as full sheets for your convenience.
This set includes a generous assortment of coordinating elements. These include 1 bamboo, 2 flair buttons, 1 cool board frame for hanging, 1 neat bonsai, 1 small chain, 1 set of digital cherry blossoms, 1 pair of chopsticks, 3 frayed fabric flowers, 2 frayed fabric squares, 1 aged frame, 1 fun bamboo frame, 1 double frame, 1 can't be missed leather aged and stacked frame, 1 beautiful olive glitter splat, 2 aged journal strips, 1 lace, 4 different orchids, 5 ribbons, 1 ribbon tag, 1 zen rock, 3 unique and gorgeous orchid stems, 2 stitched frames, 1 hanging string, 1 tab, 1 tab label, 3 tags, 1 stitched tag, 1 set of tea leaves, 1 sheer ribbon wrap, and 1 leather wrap.
This set was originally released as Orchid Dreams.

This is the second of the Orchid Dreams Collection. The vision of these sets was to bring together gorgeous backgrounds, zen elements, and a wide array of versatile and beautiful elements.
This kit contains 29 gorgeous backgrounds. Each is 12x12 and created at 300 dpi. This set was lovingly crafted and each page is a work of art in itself.
A fun paper alphabet is included with this set. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation are included. Each is in its own file as well as full sheets for your convenience.
This set includes a generous assortment of coordinating elements. These include 2 sets of bamboo leaves, 1 brad back, 4 flair buttons, 1 satin bow, 1 digital cherry blossom branch, 1 real cherry blossom branch, 1 smaller cherry blossom branch, 1 acrylic orchid frame, 2 clothespins, 1 old wooden frame as well as version with a hanging chain, 1 fun bamboo frame, 1 shadowed bent triple frame, 1 awesome old stacked papers frame, 1 photo with slightly tattered overlay, 1 hanging chain, 1 word art, 1 beautiful jasmine flowers stem, 1 illustrated jasmine stem, 1 aged journal strip, 1 lace, 1 beautiful lily bloom, 1 aged hanging hardware, 3 orchids, 3 orchid stems, 1 beautiful photo mask, 8 ribbons, 1 loopy string, 4 coordinating tags, 2 sets of starry clusters, 1 water out of a bamboo spout for fun layouts, 1 old water can, 1 neat rock frame, and 4 ribbon wraps.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spooky Layouts

Here are some Spooky Layouts for inspiration! :)

By the talented Kristi. Don't look into their eyes...ooh...scary...and so stinkin' cute. :)

I just love how she placed the little spiders around the frame. Everything in the layout is from Spooky.

This one is from the adorable Tammy.

The clipped flower is from Contentment Mini (recolored). I don't know why I didn't think of it. Tammy, love your visions. The overlay is from Something Blue Studios.

Here's another one from Tammy. Her kids are so adorable, aren't they! She used bits and pieces from several of my other kits (some not available anymore...or yet).

Here is a totally fun one by Danesa. Everything is from Spooky, including word art. Poor little witch! LOL. Check out those cute eyes she put together. So fun.

This is a very adorable one by Lorraine. Look at that cute face! Great layering here. Of course the star is the cute little guy. Everything from Spooky.

This one is from sweet Helene, aka Pimp My Layout! This was an interesting one. Halloween is pretty much just celebrated here in the states, and Helene is from France. She emailed me and said I tried but I don't think I can make a Halloween layout. I knew it would be a challenge. So I asked if she could put together a card or something and I am so glad she did! This is a cute little card by Helene. Thanks for attempting this for me! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


This is my first Halloween kit. I love this holiday, well, not as much as I love Christmas, but... who doesn't love Trick-or-Treating! I love coming along with my kids. I am totally living vicariously through them. I think you truly enjoy childhood through your children. Well, Halloween Parties are pretty cool too. It's on a Friday this year also! YAY!

So here's another kit for your arsenal. If you join in the SBG festivities this weekend, you can win it for free! Happy scrapping everyone!

Oh by the way, it's 35% off right now!

This page set is jam packed with 22 papers plus an extra one curled one, 47 elements, and a full stitched felt alphabet.

Oh, I almost forgot I have some new CU Overlays as well. No credit is required.

Pajama Party!!

I'm copying Becky's post over at DST here. Thought you might be interested in hearing the great sales and events over at SBG. Come party with us!!

Here’s just some of what you can expect at our Pajama Party this weekend:

CHAT SCHEDULE–all times Eastern

5:00 p.m. Meredith Fenwick Come chat with Meredith, ask about her new baby, and talk scrapping! Meredith will announce the winner of her Make It Yours contest

6:00 p.m. Fontologie & Anna Benjamin We’ll be the first to see Fontologie’s latest font created with Anna Benjamin — come get the font free, exclusively during the chat!

7:00 p.m. Lorie Davison Chat and receive a mystery freebie!

8:00 p.m. Doris Castle and Ramona Vaughn Come for a chance to win copies of Scrapbook Dimension e-zine, plus Doris is giving away this beautiful add-on

9:00 p.m. Stephanie O’Neill Stop in for a chance to win coupon codes to Studio Fontologie!

10:00 p.m. Leah Farquharson gives us some hybrid scrapping inspiration with a downloadable quick page to start your project, plus she’ll be giving away coupon codes to Studio Dianne and copies of Digital Artist Magazine!

11:00 p.m. Michelle Godin & Rachel Young with a special deal on their latest collaboration and a cute freebie!

MIDNIGHT Amy Pearson Join Amy for a hearty game of Truth or Dare! Participate and earn a template!

1:00 a.m. Michelle Reaves aka plumtuckered challenges you to play Xtreme Spirit Club for a chance to win a photo book from MyPicTales or one of five copies of Phuong Ton's new kit, Spooky:

2:00 a.m. Becky Troxel aka webchyck sends you off on a wild picture chase in our forum-based Photo Safari! One randomly selected winner will receive 20 page prints from MyPicTales; we’ll also give away several $15 coupon codes to the Studio Collective.

(The chats take a break for a few hours, but jump in on the fun over in the Pajama Party Forum!)

7:00 a.m. Berna Datema, Biancka and Jenna invite all our Dutch speakers to a Dutch Chat! Berna’s giving away this cute mini:

8:00 a.m. Studio Flergs Come chat with Megs about her newest designs!

9:00 a.m. Kimberly Gabriel aka nevermore wraps up our party by giving away some Quick Pages created by Mel and made with Studio Birgit designs.


MAYA: 50% off October 3 & 4

BIRGIT KERR: 30% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code required, excludes Angel Use license

WENDYZINE SCRAPS: 50% off October 3 & 4 use coupon code WZSleepover

MICHELLE GODIN: 50% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code required

BAERS GARTEN DESIGNS: 40% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code required

NATALI DESIGN: 30% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code required

O.N. DESIGNS: 30% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code required

STUDIO FLERGS: 30% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code required, all outstanding codes will be disabled for the duration of the sale, your discount will be taken at check-out.

BERNA DATEMA: 30% off for the weekend

TRACI SIMS: 40% off October 3, 4, & 5, no coupon code required

PHUONG TON: 35% off October 3, 4, & 5, no coupon code required

STUDIO FONTOLOGIE: 35% off personal use fonts October 3, 4 & 5, no coupon code required

RACHEL YOUNG: 40% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code required

DANA FRANTZ: 50% off with coupon code pjparty October 3-5

DORIS CASTLE: 35% off with coupon code Pajama5 October 3-5

MEREDITH FENWICK: 40% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code required

VERA LIM: 30% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code required

JEN CAPUTO: 35% off with coupon code jc-jammies October 3-4

mgl Scraps: 35% off with coupon code PartyWithMe October 3-5

JANET PHILLIPS: 50% off October 3 & 4, no coupon code, all outstanding coupon codes will be disabled for the duration of the sale

DIANNE RIGDON: 30% off, October 3 & 4, no coupon code required

JESSICA BOLTON: 35% off, October 3 & 4, no coupon code required

AMY PEARSON: 40% off, this weekend, coupon code pending.


You’ll want to stay tuned to our Pajama Party Forum for all sorts of fun games, challenges, and contests that will be posted throughout our party including:

Hybrid Card Challenge by Denise (one winner to receive a package of traditional supplies)

We Can Build It by Karen Maggie (posting bonus for playing along!)

Scrap a Birthday Memory with Five Favorite Things
by Jenn (posting bonus for playing along)

A special edition of our Quick Page Exchange

Studio Starts #114: Scrap Your Slippers–participate and you’ll earn this posting bonus from Baers Garten Designs:

Hybrid Card Challenge by Jen with a template to download

Word Jumble (with all our designers’ names) by Karen Bowers

Scavenger Hunt by Tammy (5 $5.00 Fontologie coupon codes will be up for grabs)

Battleship by Iara from Baers Garten Designs

Wish for a Kit (possible RAKs from designers)

Wish to Inspire (possible RAKs from designers if ideas used)

Flower Count Contest on the blog by LauraKaye (one winner to receive a RAK Scrap from Laura)

Cover Girl Layout Contest (details to come!)

Surprise RAKS via PM for playing along with us this weekend!

As you can see…a jam-packed sleepover party! All to celebrate Scrapbookgraphics’ 5th Birthday! We sure hope you can join us!


Becky Troxel

on behalf of the Studio Girls @ Scrapbookgraphics

Flerg's is offering this at her chat.