Sunday, May 31, 2009

A few more layouts

I wanted to post a few more layouts for you today. Everything was created with the new June Kit. :)

A couple of beauties by Leda.

Loving her color combination in this one.

Oh the blending in this one is so pretty! I think she used the cluster frame in the kit. This page is just so sweet.

Here's one by me. hehe. It's my little cousin that I only get to see once a year or so. The template is by Lynne-Marie.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

June Kit & Calendar

The June Kit and Calendar is here! What a bargain for $2.40. :)

The theme is school is out, it's summertime, let's have some fun!

Included in this set are 15 deliciously textured backgrounds plus some extra versions, over 50 beautiful elements with word art, an 8.5x11" Calendar Quick Page, and a bonus Layered Template.

The layered template is in PSD and TIFF format. The calendar is an 8x5x11" and is a quick page type.

The elements include: bubbles, arrow doodle, sand and shells 12" border, butterfly, a few buttons, 3 flowers, over 11 frames plus extra versions, a clustered frame, a couple of fun splats, clustered grass, couple of journal spots, leaves, net, pail plus a perspective shadow for it, 6 June titles, 2 ribbons knots, 1 ribbon wrap, shell, cute mini starfish, silver dollar, shovel, staple, couple of suns, sunglasses, hanging round tag, and 7 word arts.

Here's a gorgeous layout by Danesa.

Leda created these beautiful layouts using the SBG collaboration (Impressions of Whimsy).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some recipes!

I didn't post much on the recipe exchange. The only rule we set was make it a square layout. It doesn't matter if you use the picture of the item or layout style, no rules! :)

Here are some to add to your recipe collection. :)
Our recipes will have an international flair as we are from around the globe.

I will be adding to this post throughout the week as new recipes come in!

Please email me your recipes to so I can add it to our collection!

Polish Horse Radish Soup by Magda

Polish Bread by etrala (thank you so much!!)

Megann's Baked Squash

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Recipe Exchange Challenge

My team and I are working on a little group recipe exchange. So in the coming days, I will be posting different recipes (from all around the world) on here. So the challenge this week is to create a recipe page for yourself. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Creating a Layout Walkthrough

Vinnie Pearce is offering this step-by-step tutorial on how she created this absolutely gorgeous layout (including photo treatment). And it's FREE. :)
Click on the image to be transfered to her store.

Here's my little take.

Everything from Vinnie Pearce
- Walk Through 1 (freebie)
- Pieces of Me II
- He's Royalty
- Bucket full of Sunshine
- Romance Me Embellishments Pack
- The Art Corner Papers 1
-Artistic Page Overlays - SET 01

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My bad!

* expired *

I am so sorry everyone. There was this huge collaboration FREE kit from ScrapbookGraphics designers for the The Daily Scrapper ezine. But I was on vacation and MIA from my blog so I completely missed the deadline to post the info for my blog readers. *hanging head in shame*

All I can do is offer my contribution for you.

I'm going to leave this up for a couple of days only.

The template (a few posts earlier) will be available through the month of May though.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Layouts

I couldn't wait to show you this. Well first of all, Kristi, your photography rocks! I really liked how she used the month dates (which is included in the May kit) and turned it into a desktop type layout. So pretty huh. Well, I love all of her layouts. Kristi, if you're reading this, you don't give yourself enough credit, and you're a big inspiration to me. :)

Here's another gorgeous layout by Vanilla. She has a great eye for color and the photo she chose goes so well with the papers.

Here is a gorgeous one by Tammy. Isn't it a perfect Mother's Day picture? :)

Lilja created this totally sweet one. Love the soft tone of it.

Hybrid Flowers

I found this really cool tutorial by Patricia Komara on the SBG blog today. Check it out! Click on the images to be redirected. There are step-by-step instructions.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'll be adding more to this post as I get the layouts. :)

Here is one by Magda using the FREE template (see previous post) and the new May Kit and Calendar.

One by me. I used a template by Cindy Schneider.

One by Leda, what a devoted guy! Some leaves were recolored. What a perfect layout for Mother's Day!

One by Danesa. Congrats Amy! She also used the free template.

Here's a cute one by Megann. Remember Prom? It has been so so long for me. lol

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I would like to wish all the moms and grandmas out there a Happy Mother's Day. Hope you're getting spoiled! :)

Here's a layered template freebie for you. Just click on the link to be directed to the download page. This template is included in the May Kit and Calendar as well. You will receive a PSD and TIFF format.

Happy scrapping!

Here's the link in case.

May Kit and Calendar

The May Kit and Calendar is now available! :)

It will be 20% off for the next few days.

This is the May Kit and Calendar Set.

The calendar is 8.5x11" and comes in three version, just the calendar with dates, just the calendar without dates, and a quick page version (with dates).

There are 16 papers, plus a few extra colored versions.

For May, receive a free layered template in PSD and TIFF format. (See next post)

There are 45 elements in this set.

Included are
- 2 brads, 6 flowers, gem chain
- 8 frames, 2 journal spots, 1 paint stroke, 1 flower stamp
- 1 glitter splat, 1 gem scatter, 1 blue metal scatter
- 1 lace, 2 leaves, 4 May month titles
- 2 best mother banners, 1 mother text
- 3 ribbons, 2 ribbon bows, 1 ribbon wrap
- 1 set of stitches (without holes, with holes, and holes by itself)
- 1 metal swirl, 1 vintage card

Friday, May 8, 2009

CT Guesting

So I am guesting for Pixel Canvas this month. I am a huge fan of Vinnie Pearce so it's quite an honor for me. Plus it's always nice to be forced to scrap sometimes. :)

I created a couple of layouts for her. The earth one is not really working for me. I think it must be because of the shadows. One is more 3d yet it is on flat objects. So I am going to have to rework that. Nonetheless, they were so fun to create.

This is a photo of my dh and ds. They are staring out into the ocean at sunset. I really love it.

Everything from Vinnie Pearce
- background from White Foundations Papers
- pebble from Glass Pebbles
- black border from Give Me Simple Template Pack 1
- moments quote from I Live For Freebie Mini
- photo mask from Page Clipping Masks 1
- photograph by Monique Feil

I struggled with this layout. It still does not feel right. I don't think I've made a layout without a photo before. Smile

Everything from Pixel Canvas.
- papers are a play on papers from Vinnie Pearce's Art Corner II, Ecofabulous Collaboration Kit, and Vinnie Pearce's Artist Overlays 1. The main paper is a big blending and play of these.
- Earth is modified from earth element in the gorgeous Ecofabulous Collaboration Kit
- Quote and stitches also from theEcofabulous Collaboration Kit
- Butterfly from Vinnie Pearce's fabulousHe's Royalty Kit

Since I've been so behind, I thought I'd share some of my recent layouts.

A Happy Easter layout by moi.

- The tree on the left, the eggs and nest, the grass, the single tulip, and the Easter Card from my April Kit and Calendar
- Everything else is from Lorie Davison's amazing Bunnies, Bees, and the Birds' Big Balloon Kit

I actually finished one set of a birthday layouts for my older son. I am so happy about it too!! Thanks to Kitty Chen and Vera Lim. Have you seen Vera's It's My Day collection? I think it's one of my all time faves. Kitty's Birthday kit is also really cute!

- Kitty Chen's Birthday Magic Kit
- Vera Lim's It's My Day Word Art
- Kaye Winiecki's Template 5

Here's a double page.

Credits are pending!!

What I can remember
- Cindy Schneider
- Vera Lim's It's My Day The whole big kit. LOVE this kit!

Here's a mini hybrid project. By the way, don't put jelly beans in these jars. You can't take them out! I replaced them all with mini M&Ms. LOL.

I am getting ready for my baby's 2nd birthday party. He wants a dinosaur themed party and I am happy to comply. Smile

I used Tracey Monette's Dinosaur Doodles. These doodles were simply adorable and great quality. I am so happy with them!

I also used Vera Lim's It's My Day. This has to be the cutest birthday kit. I am so happy with it. There are whimsical, doodley elements, as well as realistic ones. For someone as confused with style and wanting it all, it's just perfect. The word art is just amazing too.

A couple of elements are from Lorie Davison's and Kitty Chen's Sweetheart Collaboration Kit, a totally cute kit!

The template is from It is the love potion favor. The jelly beans look cute in the bottle and I didn't have too much trouble putting them in. However, I could not take them out. So I'm going to have to buy some mini M&Ms. Smile

This is not a layout. It's just the labels I printed.

Oh a new set of quick pages I just love! I found this photo of my younger son the other day. I forgot I even took it! But boy was I happy to find it.

- Quick Page by Catherine Designs Spring Retreat
- Pot, dirt, bud, and sticks frame are mine (Phuong Ton's Spring Blossom) at
- The word art and butterfly flutters on the left are from Lorie Davison's Bunnies, Bees, and the Bird's Big Balloon, also available at

Impressions of Mother Earth

Here is this month's new collaboration kit at SBG. It's on sale right now for only $4.50!!

A few layouts by my wonderful team,

By Lilja,

By Leda,

By Danesa,

by Magda,

by Megann, (frame is from my April Kit)

Here's another by Megann using IO Renewal. The bow is from my April Kit and the alpha is by Melissa Renfro.