Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frameworthy Challenge at ScrapbookGraphics (Jan 11-17)

This week's Frameworthy Challenge is very interesting! I don't want to spoil it for you so please check on this link to go to the forum and read Nevermore's post. I was very intrigued so here's my layout. It makes more sense if you know what the challenge is.

This is a little bit different for me as I am not really a white space or even rectangle photo scrapper. I love lots of elements and large photos. However, it's fun to mix it up sometimes. :)

So my 6 words are
"the best is yet to be..."

Template from Studio Hillary's Haiti Children's Org Charity. Proceeds go to the charity and you set the amount. Please check out this worthwhile charity if you can.

Background from my Altered Inspired Mini (Phuong Ton),
flower from Natali Design's All You Need is Love,
leaves from On Designs After Summer

Template for Save the Children Charity

I wanted to let you know that Studio Hillary has set up this template to raise funds for Save the Children Haiti Relief Fund.

This is a quote from her product description:

"Given the recent tragic events in Haiti, I wanted to help as much as I could. All proceeds from the sale of this template will go to Save the Children to assist in their relief efforts in Haiti. With the support of wonderful customers like you, I have donated in the past to Save the Children, and hope to be able to pull together as a community again. Save the Children is a highly-regarded charity and has received four stars from the independent charity review Charity Navigator.

I have given you the option of entering whatever amount you would like into the Amount field. My thoughts were that each customer could donate $2 for the template, but if you can afford less, or more, please feel free to enter that amount. I will be sending the donation to Save the Children at the end of next week via Paypal so please purchase this template now.

If you would like to see confirmation of our donation from Save the Children, I will be including the official confirmation to all my newsletter subscribers. If you are not already a member of my newsletter, you can join us right here.

Remember, new Studio Hillary template releases are available in both .tiff and .psd formats!!"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Very Interesting Layout

I am not sure how I missed this layout from the ScrapbookGraphics Gallery by finecraft. It is different and is an eclectic mix of some of my favorite subjects, existential thinking, spirituality, space, dinosaurs, and of course scrapping.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free Layered Template!

This template doesn't really have a lot of layers. I was playing around with Bokeh. Not really good at it but I thought this may be fun for you to play with. The bokeh light effects are on separate layers for flexibility. Hope you like it. :)

Paper and most elements: Natali's All You Need is Love
Butterfly: Vera Lim In Love with You
Bubbles: Phuong Ton's Altered Inspired Mini

Edited to Add Vanilla's Layout. :)

Studio Phuong-Bokeh Template
Delmik Design-Elements from Winter Time
Dreamland Digital Designs-Elements from Breath of Winter
Lorie Davison Designs-Paper from Drifting Snow

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Sweet Tooth

I am going to do some enabling here. I am not on Holliewood's CT (not that I would mind one bit! LOL) but I love her kits. They are packed with fun sometimes funky realistic elements. I saw this last night and needed to buy it. In some sick way, it satisfied my sweet tooth... at least digitally. I'm craving cupcakes right now though...

My kids were having their after dinner dessert as I was downloading this (chocolate pudding Popsicles). Their mouths were covered with chocolate and they both looked well a little ew lol but I grabbed my camera and starting taking pictures. I was already in the middle of downloading the perfect kit for the new photos! There are big chocolate chunks in the preview. Yummm..mmeee!

Does that count as Serendipity? Maybe a stretch? LOL

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Itinerary #2

This serves two purposes. The first being this is my second layout for the Art Journal Caravan. Wow, maybe I will be able to get at least 52 layouts done for my book. The second purpose being, this is an example of one of the papers in my new Altered Inspired Mini Kit.

I have always been a worry bee. I worried about everything since I was a child, and I thought maybe I would outgrow it, but no... it got worse when I had my children. The world feels like it is in such disarray right now. What will my children's futures be like? How can I keep their nightmares away? Crime scares me. War scares me. The economy scares. What if someone gets really sick? What if I lose my job? What if something bad happens? What if someone gets hurt? What if I forgot to lock the doors?

All these fears and bad thoughts lurking in my head. It's manifested itself many times in my dreams...more like nightmares.

So this is what this page is for me.

Top paper from my Altered Inspired Mini Kit (Phuong Ton), Bottom paper from Birgit Kerr's Rooted In the Past, the Fear alpha is also in Birgit Kerr's Rooted in the Past kit, the Accept alpha and chain is from Christina Renee, the blue house is from Thao Cosgrove, the heart on the house is also in my Altered Inspired Mini Kit, overlay from Something blue Studios

Altered Inspired Mini Kit

This is an altered art inspired mini set.

I had so much fun creating this set. I hope you enjoy it.

There are 8 backgrounds, 1 12x12 painted edges overlay, 1 bubbles element, 1 butterfly, 1 vintage game card, 1 heart, 1 frame, 1 staple, 1 paint stroke, 1 word art paint stroke, 1 swirl, 1 floral, 1 checked element overlay.

More Layouts!

Let's start the weekend with some inspirational layouts! These wonderful ladies responded to a one kit call and within hours I received some amazing work. I wish I could work as fast and as beautifully! :)

These were created with the Resolutions Kit.

Two gorgeous layouts by hutchie. She also got GSO at Digishoptalk. Congrats, Chris!

Here are a couple of gorgeous legacy layouts by Jacabean. I love looking at legacy layouts and it's really refreshing to see them in cheery colors.

Here a couple of beauties by yorkiemom.

Great use of the art mask here.

Here are a couple of pretty ones by DarkAngel73.

Here is a great one from Leda.

Here's a couple of great layouts by mmarti2564.

A couple of beautiful fantasy layouts by zaza.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A couple more layouts

Here are a couple more layouts to help inspire you this week. Papers and elements are from Resolutions.

This one is so refreshing to look at. A beautiful layout by Magda.

This one is by Jackie. It's neat how she placed the goals in place of photos in this rectangle layout.

Err so mad

I logged into my account today and for the fun of it, went to my spam folder. It turns out my mailing list requests have been going to spam, at least some do and some do not...that makes no sense. Grrr.

I will be sorting this out since there are members that have been missed and should not be. Sigh!

I'm sorry if you had joined and had not received any emails. I promise to get this fixed.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Layout Ideas

Here are some layout ideas using Resolutions. :)

A beautiful and cheery one by Lilja.

A sweet family moment by Michaela.

Simply precious one by Vanilla.

Such a sweetie pie and beautiful princess. By Danesa.

A beautiful sibling moment. Another beauty by Danesa.

A time span one by Lorraine. No matter where you are in your life, you should still treasure each moment.

Goals for the year by Megann.

Fun perspective and layout by Tammy C.

I love this saying. Each moment only happens once! By Tammy D.

Sweet photo and sweet layout by Megann.

Resolutions Element Cluster 1

Do you like the layered look but want to save time instead of wading through so many elements? Here's a simple layered cluster I created from the Resolutions kit. Please note that it is already shadowed.

Included is a large element cluster shown to 12x12 scale in the preview. This cluster already has a drop shadow added. The cluster is also in two pieces for flexibility.

These elements are from the Resolutions Kit.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday Quick Page 1

Special thanks to Tammy Conlan. :)
This gorgeous quick page is now available in the store. There are two versions, one with the Happy Holidays text on the tags on the top right corner and one without. The page is 12x12. Beautiful realism and a clean and simple design.

It's currently 20% off and up in the store.

New Resolutions Kit 20% off

Yay, Resolutions if finally in the store! :)

The word art is also available separately. It is currently 20% off.

I'll post layouts soon. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today.

The inspiration for this kit is the New Year. Time for a fresh start, a clean slate, with new resolutions to make and some old ones to renew.

The palette is fresh and cheery.

Included are 20 backgrounds, over 70 elements, 10 paint splats and strokes, and over 15 word art, and full acrylic alpha.

Alpha includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and European characters. Each is in its own file. Full sheets are also included for your convenience.

There are over 15 word arts. Each are in its own file.

The elements include:
- 10 paint strokes and splats
- 19 flowers (real, fabric, paper)
- 10 frames (one is 12x12, one is a polaroid clipped with clothes pin, one is a frame cluster, 1 is a hanging circular frame)
- 1 grass spray
- 1 lavendar stem, 1 lavendar stem with leaves
- 7 leaves (various and one is a cluster)
- 1 beads spread, 1 marble bead
- 1 empty ink bottle, 1 feather
- 1 old journal, 1 desktop notes
- 1 button threaded and not
- 1 eyelet
- 1 gorgeous butterfly
- 1 beautiful glitter flourish element
- 1 set of journal strips
- 2 paper leave vines
- 1 leaves stamp
- 1 mesh
- 1 pocket watch
- 1 ribbon straight, 1 ribbon with bows
- 1 string with flower
- 1 ribbon wrap
- 1 small stitches
- 1 flowers and stitches element
- 1 swirly stamped
- 3 tags, 1 string tagtie, 2 ribbon tagties
- 2 tapes
- 1 vintage card

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Art Caravan Week 1

I was working on my first itinerary for the Art Caravan and browsed the ScrapbookGraphics gallery. I came upon this gorgeous layout by Birgit Kerr. I fell in love with the symbolism in it. Just wanted to share this with you.

Click on images for credits.

Um here's my silly little one...

The word I chose for the first Itinerary is SAVOR. This year I hope remember to savor each moment.

I know this is a journal about me and this page is really scrappy, but the word I chose is mostly for my family. My boys are growing up so fast and I am always so busy with my job, my scrapping, figuring out what to do for dinner, keeping up with appointments and plans, and on and on that I just do not stop and savor the moment. It is fun to watch videos or look at photos, but I need to SAVOR THE MOMENT not look back on it only.

Credits: Lorie Davison's Don't Eat Worms and Impressions of Travel contribution, Birgit Kerr's Geneology, Christina Renee Authentic Artistry, Weed and Wildflowers Itsy Alpha and Life is Good Word Art, CD Mucksy's Happy Dance alpha, Flerg's Chocolate Elements, Thao Cosgove's Beautiful Life elements, Maya's Steam Punk elements, Phuong Ton's Resolutions Kit and Art Masks

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!!

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Ring out the old and ring in the new. It felt like 2009 quietly slipped out, not with a bang like years past. Maybe it's just at my house? But 2010 crept in so quietly that I almost did not realize it. May this be a wonderful and prosperous year for you. Here's to good health and the warmth of friends and family.

So of course, I have to start with some resolutions! I put together a little kit called, Resolutions, that will be released next week.

It's sad to think that some of these I have made year in and year out. Perhaps this is the year? I put a new one this year, it's to "Follow Through!"

I know, another photo on a journal. I can't help it. I like these types of layouts. Hehe.

Everything from "Resolutions" coming out next week.