Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free Layered Template!

This template doesn't really have a lot of layers. I was playing around with Bokeh. Not really good at it but I thought this may be fun for you to play with. The bokeh light effects are on separate layers for flexibility. Hope you like it. :)

Paper and most elements: Natali's All You Need is Love
Butterfly: Vera Lim In Love with You
Bubbles: Phuong Ton's Altered Inspired Mini

Edited to Add Vanilla's Layout. :)

Studio Phuong-Bokeh Template
Delmik Design-Elements from Winter Time
Dreamland Digital Designs-Elements from Breath of Winter
Lorie Davison Designs-Paper from Drifting Snow


just Patty Anne said...

It's just such a weird word - bokeh.

This looks fun to play with - I have a sparkly little personality that needs to have some bokeh pizazz added to her pictures.

Thank you!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much!!! This is awesome!

tajicat said...

Thanks so much! :)

6p00d8341c8d2f53ef said...

very fun! thank you!

:) [michele]

lammogliagirl said...

This is awesome! I was just working on a photo that I was extracting but the layout needed an actual photo with a border and you made me realize I need to apply a bokeh to the background instead! You're the coolest, thank you so much :) Happy New Year to you and your family!

thescrappywife said...

Lovely! Thank you!

Sandy_in_MD said...

Awesome template and layout, Phuong! Thanks so much for sharing it!

JulMarSol said...

I like the examples for it's use. Thank you for the freebie! I can't wait to use it. :)