Sunday, August 31, 2008

Clear Alphas

Some new clear acrylic alphas.

These come as Plain and Polka (together, great deal) and one with a beautiful rub-on decoration.

This is a complete alphabet with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and European letters. Each element is in an individual file, .png format, and created at 300 dpi for quality printing. There are also sheets for each set. There are 158 files PER set!

Here's a beautiful layout by Tammy.

By Blythe Evans:
Summer Sweetness Mini Kit
Silver Mine Alpha Beads
Black Paper from Friendship Kit by Blythe Evans and Micheline Martin
Clear Polka Dot Alpha by Phuong Ton at ScrapbookGraphics
Font is Pea Lisa

New Layouts

Some layouts for your viewing pleasure! :)

Here are some gorgeous layouts using Serenity and Floral Grunge.

Some beauty for your eyes from the lovely Kristi.

Layouts be the fun and sweet Leda.

(alpha is from Jofia Devoe)

More gorgeousness (is that a word? LOL) by the talented Tammy.

Layouts by the beautiful Megann.

Loveliness by Vanilla Designz.

Beautiful signature look of Hélène D.

Gorgeous layouts as always by Gislaine.

Lovely layouts by Lorraine.

Layout by the very talented Lilja.

GORGEOUS Layouts by some talented guests! Thank you ladies!

Layouts by JenLin.

Layouts by Miranda.

Layouts by Joselle.

Layouts by Jassie.

Beautiful layouts by cassiscreations!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Scrapbook Graphics' Blog

I'm on vacation right now so it may take a day or so before I am able to answer emails. I try to be quick with it but you know, vacation gets in the way. :)

I was browsing the SBG blog today and to surprise, my kits and some exquisite layouts by the Studio Crew are featured on there. I need to subscribe to Studio Matters! LOL. I know I promised to post layouts but I have not had much time to sit down on the computer. I can't believe my trip is almost over so I am going to be enjoying it. In the meanwhile, check out the cool gallery and the blog!

This one is by Ann. It's a beautiful artistic expression, gorgeous blending job, and such fun use of the elements. Click on the layout to be led to the blog. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Grand Opening and Freebies!

Good morning, everyone!

Today is my big, okay, not THAT big launch at my new digital home, Scrapbook Graphics. I will be exclusive here and hopefully for a long while so you know where to find me!

Please drop by SBG to check out my new kit, Serenity. It's huge, 18 papers and 60 something elements for a REALLY great price right now! In fact, everything is 30% off. SBE products will not be available at SBG for at least a month, sorry about that.

Here's a peek!

There are some AMAZING layouts made this kit. Since it's almost 5 am and I have not slept, that's right, no sleep for me yet, I am not going to post the layouts yet. There are many to view from the product preview and here's a GALLERY!

Please check out the STUDIO for even more. I promise to post some on my blog today.

Not only is the kit at a really great price, you also get these quick pages for FREE!

Here is a link to the new STORE!

I have a blog freebie for you! Click on the image to download the file.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Store

I will be joining Scrapbook Graphics starting this Friday, August 8th. *8/8/8!*
Here is a logo created by Tammy Conlan, isn't she sweet. I'll put a larger one up as soon as I get a chance to work on it! :D

I am really thrilled to be joining SBG. Please drop by Friday to check out the new kit!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Living Under a Rock

I will admit that I've lived under a digi rock for awhile. I shopped at a couple of sites only and never really wandered out. I had registered at DST but I never check it out. There were some designers that I did not know of. I am ashamed of it...yes. Well, after starting my designing career and joining SBE, which was venturing a little bit from my usual digi home, I discovered new things and new people. I decided to drop by DST and WOW the gallery there, the designers, Jofia who? PTM who? Vera Lim? SBG? Prima? on and on...Of course SBG is the best LOL. There was this whole other world hidden from the rock I was living under. The funny thing is that I love realistic scrapping, flowers, swirly thingies, creative ways to design, making things 3D, fantasy and reality. This was what I had always loved about paper scrapping and was trying to do on my digi layouts. I had been on a team and sometimes felt confined to have to scrap a certain way. That is just how I felt, and that is not really the case at all. But when I stopped trying so hard and went back to my roots, to ME, scrapping the way that I liked, whether it was acceptable or not, well, I was finally free. Then all these new stores that I had not seen due to my ignorance showed up.

I am going to be the first to admit that I am NOT that great of a layout artist. I have an amazing team. Sometimes I wonder why these wonderful ladies are willing to create beautiful layouts for me. Don't tell them though, they haven't caught on yet. LOL. But working a demanding full time job, 2 active young kids, designing, and life itself usually takes up my time. I go to DST and am simply blown away from the talent. Wow just wow. I don't browse DST much, I won't lie. I just do not have the time. But I see the amazing pushing the envelope you would say that I dreamt of when I started scrapping. I wish I had left my little rock earlier than just a few months ago but oh well. Sometimes I wish some of that magic would rub off on me and I can sit down and magic flows. I do scrap to journal my family's pictures, memories, and history, but it's also a great creative outlet. So now I need to figure out how to get some of that BLOW ME AWAY amazing layout ability to rub off and travel across the fiber network to me!

Here's a layout I made today. I know it's not one of those layouts you see on DST and go WOW. But my recent discovery of some amazing talent has hurt my paypal, but my eyes sure got a treat! Who doesn't love pretty little artistic things? You're reading a scrap blog as we speak so you're probably one of those people, too! Kindred spirits of sorts. :D

Credits: Jofia Devoe's The Artist Workshop, Light Brezze, Swirls Therapy. Paint the Moon's Boxed In 2.