Saturday, December 26, 2009

Art Journal Cover

I decided to challenge myself and join Tangie Baxter's Art Caravan. It will take a couple of hours a week but I decided to take the plunge and make the commitment. (WISH ME LUCK!) hehe

So here's my attempt to make a cover...

This is a big mess of
Tangie Baxter's Steamer Trunk, Lorie Davison's Flitting Fall, Phuong Ton's September, Autumn's Kiss, Art Photo Masks, Art Mask Add On, Collaboration About by Creashens, Something Blue Studios, and K Studio, and Shabby Miss Jenn's Art Class.

Word art by Studio Maya - Quirky Quotes, Existence.

As I posting my layout, I saw this gorgeous cover. Okay, how do I make something like this? This is awesome! Very creative cover by Bec.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Great Tutorials!

Miss rocking "Miss Behaving" posted a great photo treamtent tutorial on the ScrapbookGraphics Blog.

Original Photo:

Cotton Candy effect:

Vintage effect:

Layouts I Found

What a weekend! My son's 6th birthday party was this Saturday and organizing events for 20 or so kids plus their parents was no easy feat! But PHEW my husband and I managed to pull it off and we're still standing. It's actually not that bad but twice a year is pretty much all I can handle.

I found these wonderful layouts and ideas on the ScrapbookGraphics Gallery today from our awesome Studio Crew.

This is a really great idea from Karen Bowers.

Here's a beautiful one by the talented LovelyMissKait.

I LOVE this double pager by LynnZant. It's just gorgeous.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Art Journal Caravan

I am very intrigued (and intimidated and excited all at once) with the Art Journal Caravan by Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton. It's a 52 week commitment and I cannot do quirky for the life of me but I don't think that's a style requirement. It's meant to incorporate your own style.

I read this in the frequently asked questions section and it is what draws me to this amazing project.

"Why Did You Start This Project?
For me the mission in this is to teach people that while leaving behind a family scrapbook of everyday family activities and memories like Christmas traditions and outings to the zoo are exceptionally important...I feel it's AS IMPORTANT to leave behind a legacy of who "we really are" through our art journals-our children, our families want to know what we feared, what we loved, what we's a treasure beyond price. That being said, they are also just for us in the here and now, a place for us daydream, vent or plan. The amazing thing about Art Journaling is that by taking some time for ourselves to journal, we find more self-awareness through our creative expression, which in my opinion makes us better moms, sisters, friends & human beings."

The secret word is CRYPTOLOGY

The Secret Word is…


Enter CRYPTOLOGY into our keyword search engine at Scrapbook Graphics.

The results returned will reveal a list of products available at very special prices…
at least 40% off!

Tuesday Dec. 15th only.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Some more Layouts

Here are some more layouts with the December Kit.

A beautiful one by Lilja. What a fun scene!

A warm family Christmas tree by Leda. Makes me want to cuddle up and drink hot cocoa in front of the fire. :)

Calling all cat lovers! Here's a cutie for you by Lorraine.

She also created this lovely card.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Funday @ ScrapbookGraphics

Download the Decoder HERE. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Flowers

I was browsing scrapbook galleries this morning and stumbled across this at Oscraps by sung1203. It's so pretty!! So I followed the link to her blog (

I have most of these supplies at home already so maybe I should work on this project this weekend. (If I don't have to come into work..sigh)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Autumn Leaves Layout

I'm scrapping again.. in between the kids being sick, deadlines at work, and well, at least I could put off the housework for now. Who wants a super clean house when they can have layouts done! Sometimes it's the only way I can unwind. Tuck the kids into bed, have a warm cup of tea, cozy up on the couch, and scrap away. It really is my only way to relax a bit from these last few hectic days.

I hope you're finding a way to relax as well. It is important to have some "me" time to maintain some sanity.

Thought I'd share a personal layout with you.


Lorie Davison's new kit, Before the Snow. Gorgeous and fun as always! Paper is from Lorie Davison's Flittering Fall Fairies. Word art by Vera Lim's Brother 2. The frame is Christina Renee's Negative Frames.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Studio Lorie Sale!

Lorie Davison is having her annual sale. She is incredibly talented and her kits are unique and full of imagination. I truly believe Digiscrapping is lucky to have a talent such as her. Yes, I have no shame, she is my idol LOL. :)

This is the best time of the year to grab a kit by Lorie if you have been drooling over one.

Some Layouts

Time to post some layouts! The holidays are a very busy time for most of my wonderful ladies (and me too) so we're a little slow at posting this month. Hope you understand. :)

Tammy's beauties,

Also a card for the troops by Tammy (so thoughtful of her!)

Danesa painted this Santa. Isn't that neat.

A precious one by Michaela,

I can almost smell the pine on this wreath. So festive.

Some festive holiday ones by Tammy D. I really want a little girl so I can buy pretty holiday dresses for her too!

And last but not least, this beauty by Magda.

Hopefully I'll be back soon to post more ideas for you!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Frame Clusters 1

Frame clusters are all the rage. This is a set of simple frame clusters. It is a set of 6 clusters (1 with 2 versions). They are already pre-shadowed.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Sonata (December)

Yay, it's in the store! :)

Winter begins on winter solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the season with the shortest days and coldest weather.

This is the last of the monthly kits. The theme for this kit is winter and celebration of the holidays. It's jam packed with fun elements, bursting with gorgeous flowers, frames, bead spray, and versatile embellishments.

There are 22 papers, 1 8x10 December Calendar (2009), 1 cd size (4.6x5.4) January 2010 calendar, 2 glitter overlays, 2 snow rain overlays, and over 100 elements.

Elements include
- a snow border, an icy snow border, and icicles
- 2 magical background elements
- a holiday home, bench, and North Pole sign
- basket, 2 bells, 2 brads, 13 single frames, 1 multi frame
- gift bag composite, 2 gifts
- 2 worn journal strips, 1 journal stamp
- 1 hook, 3 ornaments
- holiday lights border plus 1 lit one
- 5 ribbons/bows, 2 ribbon wraps
- 1 double staples, 2 tapes
- 2 tags with tagties
- 1 tree drawing element, 2 vintage cards
- 3 word art, 7 December titles
- 1 gorgeous bead spray
- 2 sets of berries
- 1 branch, 1 winter branch
- 1 cone, 1 set of small cones
- 11 flowers, 2 digital holly sets
- 1 glitter leaf, 2 branches with berries
- 2 gold glitter leaves, 1 silver glitter leaves
- 3 pine branches
- 3 snowflakes, 1 snowflake float
- 1 weed
- 1 12x12 window (3 versions frame, frosted, glass only)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sneak Peek

How about a little sneak peek? Coming out by Friday. These previews are not so great. The image service I am using shrinks them to a smaller size and sometimes it ends up looking funny. I'll come back and repost better images when I have uploaded them to the server.

This is the last of the monthly kits so I wanted to include lots and lots of items. Not everything is shown here because I can't fit it all. There is a beautiful overlay that is not shown plus a huge window. Elements include icicles, a border of icy snow (cool stuff), and lots of goodies. Great for simple fantasy layouts and traditional scrap pages. There are at least 20 papers, 100 elements, calendars (including January 2010 quick page calendar cd case size, why not!), and overlay.