Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coloring Brushes

Someone asked me how to color the fancy journal tag brushes recently. I thought I would also post the answer here.

First, open your document. I am using a plain white background. Then create a new layer. Remember to create a new layer as this gives you more flexibility with your brush. I am using black, #000000 as my foreground color.

Notice that when I used black, I get a gray and black brush stroke. I am going to make it like the preview so the lighter gray should be the green color. Select the green that you like as your foreground color. I am using #bfd96c.

The first option is to use the bucket tool and just go to the gray colored areas and fill them in.
Select the paint bucket tool and fill in the gray areas.

Or you can use color selection.

Select your brush layer if it is not selected. Go to Select-> Color Range from the menu. When the color range menu comes up, click on the Image radio button and preview that you like, I used None. Click on the gray color from the small window. Click okay when after you clicked on the gray area.

You should have the dancing ants around your gray area.

Make sure the green that you want is still the foreground color (on top), hold down the ALT key and hit the backspace key.


Jud565 said...

Hi Phuong!

This info was very helpful! I'm still learning about all the tools in PS and this type of "real life" application helps!

Judy :-)

pton said...

I'm glad you found it useful, Judy. I'm not sure if anyone else reads them but I'll keep posting, even if just for you! :)

Trisha said...

Thank you for this great tutorial!