Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Art Journal Caravan

I am very intrigued (and intimidated and excited all at once) with the Art Journal Caravan by Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton. It's a 52 week commitment and I cannot do quirky for the life of me but I don't think that's a style requirement. It's meant to incorporate your own style.

I read this in the frequently asked questions section and it is what draws me to this amazing project.

"Why Did You Start This Project?
For me the mission in this is to teach people that while leaving behind a family scrapbook of everyday family activities and memories like Christmas traditions and outings to the zoo are exceptionally important...I feel it's AS IMPORTANT to leave behind a legacy of who "we really are" through our art journals-our children, our families want to know what we feared, what we loved, what we dreamed...it's a treasure beyond price. That being said, they are also just for us in the here and now, a place for us daydream, vent or plan. The amazing thing about Art Journaling is that by taking some time for ourselves to journal, we find more self-awareness through our creative expression, which in my opinion makes us better moms, sisters, friends & human beings."

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