Sunday, January 10, 2010

Itinerary #2

This serves two purposes. The first being this is my second layout for the Art Journal Caravan. Wow, maybe I will be able to get at least 52 layouts done for my book. The second purpose being, this is an example of one of the papers in my new Altered Inspired Mini Kit.

I have always been a worry bee. I worried about everything since I was a child, and I thought maybe I would outgrow it, but no... it got worse when I had my children. The world feels like it is in such disarray right now. What will my children's futures be like? How can I keep their nightmares away? Crime scares me. War scares me. The economy scares. What if someone gets really sick? What if I lose my job? What if something bad happens? What if someone gets hurt? What if I forgot to lock the doors?

All these fears and bad thoughts lurking in my head. It's manifested itself many times in my dreams...more like nightmares.

So this is what this page is for me.

Top paper from my Altered Inspired Mini Kit (Phuong Ton), Bottom paper from Birgit Kerr's Rooted In the Past, the Fear alpha is also in Birgit Kerr's Rooted in the Past kit, the Accept alpha and chain is from Christina Renee, the blue house is from Thao Cosgrove, the heart on the house is also in my Altered Inspired Mini Kit, overlay from Something blue Studios

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Rebecca said...

Very beautiful page! You expressed yourself beautifully!