Saturday, January 2, 2010

Art Caravan Week 1

I was working on my first itinerary for the Art Caravan and browsed the ScrapbookGraphics gallery. I came upon this gorgeous layout by Birgit Kerr. I fell in love with the symbolism in it. Just wanted to share this with you.

Click on images for credits.

Um here's my silly little one...

The word I chose for the first Itinerary is SAVOR. This year I hope remember to savor each moment.

I know this is a journal about me and this page is really scrappy, but the word I chose is mostly for my family. My boys are growing up so fast and I am always so busy with my job, my scrapping, figuring out what to do for dinner, keeping up with appointments and plans, and on and on that I just do not stop and savor the moment. It is fun to watch videos or look at photos, but I need to SAVOR THE MOMENT not look back on it only.

Credits: Lorie Davison's Don't Eat Worms and Impressions of Travel contribution, Birgit Kerr's Geneology, Christina Renee Authentic Artistry, Weed and Wildflowers Itsy Alpha and Life is Good Word Art, CD Mucksy's Happy Dance alpha, Flerg's Chocolate Elements, Thao Cosgove's Beautiful Life elements, Maya's Steam Punk elements, Phuong Ton's Resolutions Kit and Art Masks

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