Friday, October 24, 2008

More Layouts

The layouts are rolling in and I just want to keep you updated on them. It's the weekend (almost)! YAY!

My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year "dating" Anniversary this week. There was a time, way back when, remember girls? When we were asked to set a date for that's our dating date and like you celebrated 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, and whatever other excuse you could to get some flowers? Okay, so I'm a flower hog. I wanted something for the 10 year dating anniversary. Is that so wrong? ;) I didn't want any presents right now but maybe to say Happy Anniversary (or just remember). I've dropped big fat hints for weeks. So I came home yesterday and found a beautiful vase of flowers. But flowers are nice and all, but this one was better (for me at least) because it kinda matches Orchid Dreams!! It has orchids and the lily like in the kit. I was so pleasantly surprised since I showed him the kits the other night. Well, quite frankly, he probably just got lucky since he knows I like those types of flowers anyways, but I won't ask and give him the benefit of the doubt. Okay, that's my lame post for the day. LOL.

OH yeah, layouts!

Here's a gorgeous one by the talented m2m. You should go check her amazing gallery!
Credits are below. I am also loving Natali's word art. They are amazing!! You can also find them exclusively as SBG!

Phuong Ton's Orchid Dreams The Beginning
Phuong Ton's Serenity
New Life Dreams Baby Oh
Catherine's Summer Evenings
WordArt by Natali

Here's a beauty by Danesa for her friend. What a great friend, don't you think? I wish my friends would make me lovely layouts!

Credits: Orchid Dreams the Beginning

Here's a beauty by Kristi. As usual, her photography is amazing. Someone tell her that! She doesn't seem to believe me. :)
I like the darker papers on this. It puts focus on the picture. What a beautiful set of girls, don't you think! They are so adorable!

Credits: Orchid Dreams The Beginning and Orchid Dreams Reawakening
stitches from Tropical Oasis and Serenity
staple from Spooky

Here's a very serene one from Kristi. I wish I was there right now. Gorgeous photo, gorgeous layout. She used the swirl from Spooky as a clipping mask for one of the papers in Orchid Dreams Reawakening. I also love her shadow work.

Credits: Orchid Dreams The Beginning, Orchid Dreams Reawakening, Spooky

Woo hoo, just saw this one from Tammy! Gotta post this gorgeous one! Everything is from the two Orchid Dreams, including the star cluster. Hi beautiful!

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Carinspixels said...

Happy anniversairy, did you take a photo of your new flowers? Great layouts from your CT you've got a good team build up!