Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sale and Grab Bags @ SBE

*Almost* everything is 25% off at SBE! Time to stock up on your favorites before taking off for summer. :)

There are also 8 fabulous bags at a BARGAIN price. They are STUFFED full and filled with wonderful goodies.

I was fortunate enough to do a collaboration with Tracey Monette and Tracy King. Now, I will let you know that it's a little different than my usual style, but I hope that you will enjoy it none the less. Also there is a goodie in there, which you will be able to easily tell soon enough, that coordinates with By The Sea and Tropical Oasis. ;)

Just a warning, it is over 400 MB in one download, not for the faint of heart. LOL. I am going to post the preview here as well some of the layouts created from this grab bag. Enjoy!

Some layouts:

By the lovely Tammy, Leda, Helene, Vanilla, Lorraine, Megann, and Amy. I hope you are loving my wonderful CT as much as I am!! They totally rock.

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