Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blossomed Reflection

I was browsing the DST Gallery yesterday. That place is HUGE! :) So so many beautiful layouts in there. I found this one that used a couple of my kits. I thought it was gorgeous and could not wait to post it here, with the artist's permission of course! :)

This layout was created by CassisCreations. Click on the layout or her name to be guided to her gallery at DST.

The rope, staple, rafia bow, and shell petal is from my By The Sea Kit. Some of the foliage, plumeria, and the is from my Tropical Oasis Kit.

Other: Miss Betty Alpha at SSD. Brown paper, leaves, shells, and sea grass from Beach Shack kit by SMJ designs. Fern, butterfly, and pink flowers from Natural Glow kit by Jazzmin Designs.


Mirella said...


I think your blog is absolutely wonderful! And your designs are super! Thank you for sharing your talents.

You've been tagged :-)

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Cassandra said...

I love your work! Thanks for posting my LO. I will be putting your fan blinkie on my blog. THANKS AGAIN!

pton said...

mirella, no more tagging! i am terrible at it. lol.

pton said...

cassandra, LOVE your layout! i checked out your new blog too. it's awesome.