Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scrap Lifting

I totally scraplifted this from Kristi. I saw her layout a couple of days ago and just HAD to have it also. There are so many gorgeous layouts in the galleries but sometimes one of them just pulls on your heartstrings and you just have to have it. I stayed up late last night working on it.

Here is a link to Kristi's layout. Thank you for this amazing inspiration. I still like her version better but am really thrilled to have one to call my own!


Maya's boxes (scrapbookgraphics), Jofia Devoe's Artist Workshop, Tracey Monette's Artist Kit No. 1 elements, Jofia Devoe's cute alpha, Lorie Davison's Fall Flittering Fairies (one of my fave kits ever) elements, Holliewood's Mamarazzi elements, JenU's gorgeous Pickin Wildflowers (another must have) and Potpourri elements, New Life Dream's All things Grow with Love elements.


Tracey said...

Well this is fun! I peek at your blog and discoverd I'm in a layout. LOL. And your scraplift is beautiful!

trinad said...

This is awesome Phuong!!! Going to have to lift this one day!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!