Friday, November 6, 2009

DSD Challenge 1

I think I'm going to be trying out various challenges for DSD, maybe even do some store challenge hopping. I need some inspiration! :)

Here's the first one I finished. I was supposed to use an Impressions of collab, but I didn't read the instructions first.. Fortunately, it's from my kit so I am okay to use it. I asked myself for permission and I gave myself permission. UM yeah. I must be high from all the DSD shopping today!

Here's my tumbler. You download the template from Wendy. Link is in the forum post. Then make your page. This took less than 10 minutes. Then you PM her. It's a fun exchange, and great gifts for teachers!


Sandy_in_MD said...

Love your tumbler, Phuong. The photos of the kids are great. I like how you made them sepia toned. Happy DSD!

lammogliagirl said...

Yours is awesome! I checked out the others too, very fun idea :) What is an IO kit? Sorry to be such a doof!

pton said...

Hi lammogliagirl, I am so silly. I should have been more descriptive. IO stands for Impressions of. These are collaboration kits from the designers of the store that released at the beginning of each month at ScrapbookGraphics. This month's collaboration kit is called Impressions of Tradition. Hope that helps! :)

lammogliagirl said...

Oh okay thanks! The more I look at your tumbler graphic the more I drool - even something so cute and simple and your designs make it look elegant and gorgeous! And I love the variety of info you bring to our attention - thank you again and big hugs! (Anna)