Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Photo Masks and Add-On Kit

I have a set of photo masks and add on kit in the store. They are 20% off through Monday.

The set comes with 9 photo masks, including colored pencil sketch, watercolor, halftone.

Here is a layout using the mask. I also used SMJ's art kit.

Here is the add-on.

This mini kit comes with 8 papers, 2 of which come with an additional worn version.

There are 26 elements in this kit including,
- Journal (bottom and top layers)
- 4 pressed flowers
- 3 colored pencils
- leaf, leaves branch, mini leaf
- dried weed stem
- create word art
- old paper frame
- vintage jewelry
- vintage button
- 2 ribbons
- splat
- staple and staple hole
- flat leaves (dark and light version)
- tag and tagtie
- twine
- twig
- clip

A fun layout by Leda to help inspire you.

I used the watercolor mask on a photo with no tweaking.

I also participated in a Charity Kit. The freebie quick page is made from this Charity Kit (end of this email).
This kit is available at

My wonderful team has also created some quick pages that will be available for free with purchase of this charity kit. I believe the kit will be available on Monday at

Designers that participated are Veronica Spriggs, Microferk, Helene Douchet, and myself.

Some layouts!

This one includes the Add-On kit elements.

And another with the February Mini. :)

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