Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Layout a Day

I got the scrapping bug last night and started working on my layout. I can't find the entrance tickets (bummer!) to tuck. Well, I made due with some simple elements. Hopefully it flows. :)

I simply LOVE these new kits from Thao Cosgrove. I used her Life's Binder and Beautiful Life.

I may have already mentioned this, but when I first discovered digital scrapping, I could not really get into it. Then I found Shabby Princess, and oh wow, I was liking it. This was back in 2007 and I was not familiar with any stores. But then I found Thao Cosgrove, and I went from liking it to LOVING it. I think my first kit from her was Affection, and I still really like that kit. I went and bought all her kits at the time. She is still one of my favorite designers. So this is a major shout out to Thao, you rock! Did I forget to mention that she's also a very sweet and kind person?

So here's my two pager layout hehe.

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Thao said...

Hehe, hey, Phuong! Thank you for the incredibly sweet compliments and your support of my work. I just happen to "Google" my name tonight for fun (haven't done this in a long time) and found your blog site. It's beautiful! You do such beautiful work, and I'm so honored that you would considered me as one of your favorites. (HUGS!!)