Monday, October 5, 2009


Let's start the week off right! Layouts, layouts, and more layouts!

Here are some Mediterranean Muse layouts to help inspire you this week.

This is a gorgeous one by Gislaine. She recolored the papers and elements. I love the sepia and green tone. What a creative scene she has created!

Mediterranean Muse by Microferk and Phuong Ton @ SBG
Butterflies and mushroom from Holliewood Designs and castle from Bisontine

Here are some beauties by VanillaDesignz. I love her bold use of color!

Okay, I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. ScrapbookGraphics has the best Studio Crew!! I'm posting some of their gorgeous layouts here because these layouts are too beautiful to not share. :)

Check out this candy-filled shoe by Kait! You can view the instructions here.

Step into an enchanted land with this sweet princess, gorgeous layout by Flor.

Another gorgeous one by Flo. I love the colors in this layout.

Mediterranean Muse collab kit by Phuong Tong and Microferk
Frame from Flying dreams Story Book Collection by Lorie Davison

Look at this adorable one by Bec. Her papers and elements stacking is simply gorgeous! Simply beautiful!

Created with Mediterranean Muse by Microferk and Studio Phuong, SO Various from Designs by Sine and Bec's Shadow Mistress Action set

You can't tell me this layout doesn't make you smile. It is SO cute!! Look at that face and those amazing eyes. Wowsers! I love how she built the scene in the background too. Amazing work, Bec!

Created with Mediterranean Muse by Microferk and Studio Phuong, and Bec's Shadow Mistress Action set

Please be sure to check out the Crew's fun challenges at ScrapbookGraphics.

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