Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Mini Kit + Coupon

It's my Play Day at ScrapbookGraphics! What does that mean? Well, the awesome Studio Crew has put together some delightful layouts to help spark your creativity.

I've included this little free mini kit as well. There's also a 25% off coupon posted. So please drop on by and download this kit. The download is direct from the blog and you will not need to sign in. :)

Here's the kit. Download at the SBG Blog. If you get a chance, please leave some love (comments) for the awesome crew. :)

Everyday Mini Kit

I made a little layout with it.

Everyday Mini Layout

Here is one by Lilja with a majestic Iceberg photo.

This is a lagoon filled with icebergs that break off the glacier Vatnajokull, which is the biggest glacier in Europe.


Danesa made this lovely card with it.


And yes, it's FREE! Don't forget to grab the coupon!

25% off anything
in Studio Phuong,
expires August 20, 2009,
at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

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Tammy D. said...

The free mini kit is beautiful. I can't wait to use it. Everyone layouts are so amazing.