Friday, July 17, 2009

More Dino Layouts

I wanted to share some more dino layouts with you. :)

Here's a really cool two pager by Megann. The template is by Yin.

Here's a neat one by Kristi. Don't they look like Charlie's Angels. Great journaling too.

Having some fun in the sand, prehistoric style. Fun layout by Leda. I love the journal tied around the tree.

Oh I need to thank Tammy D. for helping me out with layouts again. You rock, girl! This layout is full of goodies. Check out the dinos in the back drinking and one eating. She did a marvelous job posing the boys too. They are watching so intently.

Here's a fun one by scrappeehappee. Those dinos are a tease!

Remember I Dream of Jeanie and her blinks? This adorable layout is by Lorraine.

Here's another fun one by Lorraine. I need to check with her about where those alphas are from.

Here's another playful one by scrappeehappee.

Look at this precious layout by Tammy D with Veiled Moonlight. She is just too sweet isn't she. They are this small for a moment, you blink your eyes, and they're talking back. lol.

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