Thursday, July 2, 2009

Got photos? Got lots and lots of photos?

Do you take tons of photos? Snapping a shot of every moment? We usually take hundreds of shots at an event and then after sorting them, just a very small handful end up in layouts. Even those great multi photo templates can only help so much. But it would be great if there was a way to at least get them onto a page so that they get printed. Even a small version of them printed on a large 12x12 is viewable.

We have this awesome new designer at ScrapbookGraphics, Studio Arisu, that has a possible solution to this dilemma. (I've already raided her store!)

She's got these really cool actions that are so fun. I am going to use this one for my wedding photos (um as soon as I get them scanned).

Here's a sample she provided

Here's a quote from her description:
"The template has 73 photos, each with a stroke style added and shadows warped by me. Both the stroke and shadow can be removed, if you prefer to do warping by yourself. The action will take your 73 photos, resize them, put them on the template, clip them to the right picture and transform them so they fit."

Okay, how cool is that! You even get warped shadows! Talk about doing all the work for you! :)

There are other shapes and templates available. She came out with a cool number one today as well.

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