Sunday, November 16, 2008


Okay, first a *shout out* to my regular blog visitors. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! :D

** Warning this post is image intensive!! **

Boy, oh boy, how am I going to post layouts? There are so so so many gorgeous layouts lately. So let me take breather and randomly select a bunch of layouts to show off to you! It's not such a bad thing to have right? Poor me, too many gorgeous layouts to choose from! LOL

Ready to ooh and ahh? hehe. Gorgeous gorgeous layouts to help inspire you!

Very special thanks to JenU's Creative Team, Microferk's Creative Team, and my awesome Creative Team.

Layouts with "Knocking on Winter's Door" and "Holiday Shimmer". Additional credits below layouts.

by Gislaine

by wildchildzdezinez

by coincon

by Eva

by greenpalm

by HapEScrapr

by nzmumof4

by trinad

by Sweeet

by dodo74

by Diana32

by Anne C

by Lilja

by Tammy

by Kristi

by Carin

by Vanilla

by Danesa

(her own painting!)

by Gislaine

by Leda

by Miranda

by Lorraine

folded corner by Helena Jole

by Helene

by Magda

Holiday Shimmer
Knocking on Heaven's door
Overlay Favreau Designs

by Saxon

by Kim

by Lisa

And some goodies from some talented ladies over at DST! :)

by Anetka

Serenity Kit

by novaczka

Orchid Dreams Reawakening

Is that enough inspiration? :)
Time to get scrapping or take out that camera!

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March 2007 adoptive mom said...

Oh that last one is gorgeous! Wow! It must be so fun to see everything that comes out of your hard work!!