Saturday, June 13, 2009

CT Layouts

Working on my CT layouts for PixelCanvas tonight. I am really enjoying the team. It's been a fun two months. ;)


My two little boys...and your toys.
If it has to do with cars, dinosaurs,
or robots, you have to have it. You
two love playing fast, fast, fast and
sometimes play so rough. Enjoy these
fun-filled, carefree days. But don't
let them go by too fast, fast, fast.
Slow down and enjoy the ride. :)


- Vinnie Pearce's Engine's Ready Kit, Running and Jumping Elements, Distressed Photo Masks 3 @
- word art by Vera Lim
- template by Kaye Winiecki

I posted this one the other day, but in case it was missed. lol.


Papers from
- Cheeky Monkey's Sweet Baby Boy Kit
- Vinnie Pearce's Running and Jumping.

Elements from
- Cheeky Monkey's Basic Bits Tiny Tags 1 and Sweet Baby Boy Kit
- Vinnie Pearce's Thank You Kit, Dangles Girly Things, though my baby is all boy! , Running and Jumping Elements, He's Royalty, and Pieces of Me II Elements
- Mask from Anne Aspnes

I am in a scrapping mood tonight so here's another page. :)
Yikes it's 2:30am! I better head off to bed now.


What children want is for you to get down and dirty and play with them.


side note

I think we work so hard and try to do what is best for our children that we often overlook what they really want. And that is for us to spend more time, just getting down and playing with them.


- Papers are from Natali's Sea side and Phuong Ton's June Kit (
- Elements are from Natali's Sea side and Phuong Ton's June kit
- Wave is from Jofia
- Template is from Lynne-Marie

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thescrappywife said...

Beautiful layouts! I received the coupon code for your lovely, classic alpha. It's wonderful, thank you!