Friday, June 19, 2009

This layout

Someone asked me if everything was included to create this layout. I don't have the kit with me (at work lol) but the answer is yes.

The background paper is in the Papers1 folder.
The calla lily is in the Elements1 folder.
The clouds, stars, moon, and water ripple is in the Elements2 folder.

Place the stars over the background paper. Erase the bottom part and use a soft eraser to blend the middle area. Add the moon and then clouds. Lower the opacity of the stars layer and clouds to desired effect. Add the water ripple. Add the calla lily over the water ripple. With a soft brush, erase the bottom part of the flower and blend. To create the drop shadow, duplicate the lily layer, transform perspective to desired angle, add a Gaussian blur and apply a gradient (dark bottom to lighter top).

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