Thursday, June 11, 2009

Father's Day Album

These are not very good shots. I don't have my laptop with me so no Photoshop to edit them either. Yikes. Poor lighting, bad settings, yikes! But I really wanted to share them with you! :)

I created this Father's Day album for my husband. I am a big fan of using the Kolo albums for my digital layouts. I like the cloth hinge on the pages. So this album is similar to the ones that I love.

A labor of love. lol.

I purchased the book boards, cloth bindings, glue (PVA and Methyl Cellulose), and gorgeous papers from Paper Source.

Oh darn, I forgot to photograph the inside of the books. I'll add those pictures tonight. Beautiful golden paper.

I AM SO SORRY THESE pictures are terrible. Camera settings were all wrong. :(

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Magdalena (m2m) said...

Wow, amazing album Phuong!!! I'd love to see what's inside :)