Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just checking for interest

So the perspective type layouts have been out forever. But I could not help but make little pieces here and there for my rooms. It's like playing with dolls again! :)

When I was younger, I put together a little doll house, not a fancy one made of wood, but a cardboard one covered with paper. My family was not able to afford those luxuries, but it was fine. I don't feel like I was missing out or anything, and I sincerely mean that. I remember cutting out televisions, sofas, tables, and all those goodies from magazines and newspaper ads and put it into my little house.

When playing with these digital pieces, those memories come flooding back. It's so fun!

So my question to you is, what is the general interest of this? Do you like perspective templates? Do you like little goodies like small vases, little frames, chairs, and such? I am just curious. Thanks!!


Jud565 said...

I love the perspective template! Haven't gotten around to actually using it yet, but love the idea of a little doll house!

Deborah said...

I was so happy to see the perspective template you made! I just recently tried making my own without much luck, and there was your template. I've already started to play with it and have so many ideas. Thanks so much!!

Cookie said...

I love it because it is something different and I can customize it with wallpaper, my own furniture, etc. You are awesome. :) Thanks.